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    Turning learning into a hobby since 2017

    Mnemonic Academy 🐝 Builds Online Courses That Teach Using Mnemonics, Metaphors and the Science of Learning

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    Let's be up front about our course lineup, we just launched so we only offer one course so far but there are lots of monkeys typing away so new courses should be up soon!

    Learn Python Programming

    A beginners guide to programming in python

    This course will teach you how to write your own programs in the Python programming language. Along the way, you will learn great mnemonics, metaphors and the basic skills needed to take the next step into an awesome field like machine learning, app development or video games!

  • Dylan Jorgensen

    Dylan Jorgensen

    Data Scientist, Comedian


    Programming for over 10 years in the fields of data science, urban modeling, statistics neural networks and machine learning.

  • About

    β€œMnemonic Academy’s 🐝 purpose is to find creative, fun and charismatic people who have lived unconventional lives and want to share their knowledge using unconventional discoveries from the science of learning.”


    The idea for Mnemonic Academy is nearly as old as humanity itself. When our ancestors looked up to the stars and first asked, what is the point of life, why are we something, not nothing, and what is our purpose? Mnemonic Academy was born. Sure it might look like www.mnemonic.academy is the full answer, but really we just stuck a URL on something deep within us all.


    Ironically, the answers to all of these tough questions has actually been something inside of our sole that we have all been intimately familiar with since the day we were born. The reason we are on this planet is to grow, to learn, to stumble and get up again stronger.


    Mnemonic Academy is not a thing that starts or ends… it's a journey. Welcome.

  • Playful β€œYes and...” Atmosphere

    We know great ideas are carved out of bad ones, so we ignore our initial instinct to turn down ideas. Instead, we help them evolve for a reasonable amount of time before calling the person stupid.

    System’s Thinkers

    We are people who know that for a system to evolve, it first needs to be clearly defined. We also know every system is β€œsub-optimal” in some way, so criticism is never offensive.

    β€œWhy” > β€œWhat”

    The word β€œwhy” is a sacred word in our work environment. We understand that some of the reasons students give us money is because of β€œwhat product we deliver,” but mostly it’s because of β€œwhy we teach.”

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